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Hi,  I’m Cecilia Castillo ( zezi ) I was born in Guatemala .  When I was ten years old I found one of my greates passions in life Track and field and I dedicated my life to the track for ten years I had to leave it for 2 years but there was a feeling that wouldn’t let me give it up so I’m starting again.

I finished studying “Ingenieria en Sistemas” (computer Information System) last year and right now Im almost finishing a postgraduate in networking. I like programming , web developing, everything releated with computer science 😀

 I believe that God has a mision for every one and It’s up to you to  take the challenge  to do more than just living its up to you to make a difference  to live a mark but not for you , for him.

Besides running there are a lot of things I love to do , Traveling is one of them I love meeting new peolple , new places  , new cultures but I have to say I’m kind of shy but still I ‘ m trying to change that no luck so far jaja.

I’m still missing one well more than one thing ,  I love everything releated to technology it’s an exciting world of opportunities you can never stop learning. I love reading books, traveling, running,drawing .

I’m a curios person as you can see on my blog title I like to consider my self as a curiosity seeker Im always looking for new things to learn.

O I forgot to say I love outdors , adventures , etc…

Well thats me 



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